What I am up to

“So, what do you do now?”

I get asked that question a lot, I prefer talking about “What excites you?”

It’s a lot of things. When I’m not trying to make sense of financial numbers or building a website using  (It’s WordPress or nothing else)…

I do a ton of writing

Tech Cabal:  I write about the impact of the business of technology in Africa, covering mostly big tech companies and doing investigative stories like this one, occasionally I write about startups.

Cloout – For a little over two years, I and a few other smart persons wrote a weekly intelligent analysis on African business stories for Africans and the people who love Africa.

In October 2020, we took an indefinite break to take a step back and figure what’s next? Happy to hear any ideas you might have and if you’d like to subscribe to know when we return, be my guest:

TEDxLagos:  I do many things as a member of the TEDxLagos team but mostly co-ordination content creation on Web, Newsletter and Social media.  TEDxLagos is an annual event committed to spreading ideas worth sharing in the city of Lagos. Meaningful Change cannot happen without ideas being shared and acted upon, that’s why I’m a member of the TEDxLagos team.

Personal Newsletter: Once a month I share a few personal updates and some of the most interesting/helpful things that I come across on writing, design, human behaviour, faith, finance, tech or any other random topic I happen to be interested in during the month. I mostly tweet these things also but you’d have to stalk me to see them, so I decided to bring them to your door mail step.

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New Language

Deutsch: Dieses Jahr lerne Ich Deutsch. This year I’m learning German.

As part of a life long plan (one new language per year) to learn new languages, I started with German in Jan 2020. Learning a new language has been quite a ride. I’m always open to having conversations with people who are learning or are fluent in German.

On the next adventure.  There are many other things I want to do but being focused is important so I try to stick to doing a few things long enough before moving onto the next exciting project.

Currently thriving from
Lagos, Nigeria.

Last updated: Jan 04, 2021.