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April & May 2024: Took some time off

I recently attended a conference in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Happy New Month! It’s been a year since I wrote this newsletter. I just took some time off, with the view that I’d be back soon but the break just kept getting longer. When I thought about why I hadn’t written in a while the tasking nature of formatting text on MailChimp kept coming up.

So I figured I’d make it easier by changing my email marketing tool from MailChimp to Substack. This way I can just copy and paste and not worry about font type, size or newsletter design.

I’m back and a lot has happened. As usual, I wrote a bit about my 2023 in my 2023 end-of-year review

Highlights of the Months

  • I started a new newsletter and took a break from it. 
  • I got married, moved to a better apartment and started a new job last year.
  • In February, I took part in my first 10k run – even if I walked for a good part of it.
  • I bought two plants at the start of 2024.  I can’t say they’re thriving right now but at least they’re still alive.
  • I recently attended a conference in St. Gallen, Switzerland. I ate plant-based meat a couple of times. I wasn’t too impressed because I could tell it wasn’t real meat. For the second time in my life, I missed my flight — a 7 AM return flight — but somehow I made it back in one piece without spending extra money.

Noteworthy Stuff

???? The Status Game: On Human Life and How to Play It: On Social Position and How We Use it – Will Storr

“When asked why we do the things we do, we rarely say, ‘It’s because of status. I really love it.’ It can be distasteful to think of it as any kind of motivating force, let alone a vital one. It contradicts the heroic story we like to tell of ourselves. ”

????  Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It – April Dunford

It was a helpful read as I worked through a rebranding exercise. It pushed me to think about value propositions.

???? A British Nurse Was Found Guilty of Killing Seven Babies. Did She Do It?

“The public conversation rushed forward without much curiosity about an incongruous aspect of the story: Letby appeared to have been a psychologically healthy and happy person.”

A long read but worth it, on how many people can ignore important evidence.

???? Amenawon Esezobor’s remarkable journey to becoming a world-class software engineer

I enjoyed writing this.

???? The Global Junk Food Conspiracy

Easily the most enlightening stuff I’ve watched in May. Marketing at its best and worst.

???? Changing The Rules  FT Dr Olakunle Soriyan | The Honest Bunch Podcast S05EPS9

This is an interview that’s worth watching over and over. A good video to pair with Dunsin Oyekan’s Confession Box Interview

???? Cultivating Purpose and Leading with Optimism | World Business Forum NYC

Simon Sinek shares actionable advice here on leadership and people management. 

????Maven Huffman – YouTube: As someone who grew up watching wrestling, I find Maven’s channel fascinating because he explains how the wrestling world works through the lens of a former wrestler.

???? Ages 1 – 100 Decide Who Wins $250,000. The storytelling in Mr Beast’s videos is getting better, this is one of my favourites.

???? Inside A Mansion Built On The Edge Of An Abandoned Quarry | Unique Spaces | Architectural Digest. For some reason, I love watching videos of thoughtfully built houses. This is the best I’ve seen. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing but there’s just something about it that connect with me. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few houses where the architect who designed it explains why and how it came about.

????Inside John Legend & Chrissy Teigen’s Serene Family Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest. This house has the most insane children’s room I’ve seen.

Quote ????

There are different types of hard work:

1. Outthinking (a better strategy, a shortcut)

2. Pure Effort (working longer, intensity)

3. Opportunistic (positioning yourself to take advantage of change)

4. Consistency (doing average things for longer)

5. Focus (saying no to distractions)

Each of these requires a different type of hard work.

— Farnam Street

Thanks for reading. See you on June 29th.

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