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December 2021: Thank you 2021?

December 2021

2021 was an incredible year for me. My first full year as a Journalist and it’s been rewarding. I got to travel a little (not as much asI wanted to), spend time alone and with my friends. I’m still learning German (or now just keeping 560+ days alive) and living healthier (I’m more mindful of what I eat).

Looking forward to 2022 where I’ll be wandering a little, embracing boredom and some discomfort.

Highlights of the Month

  • I made it to the end of 2021?️
  • Travelled to my hometown and got to meet up with extended family
  • I’m mid-way through the Mckinsey Forward program and loving it so far

Helpful stuff I came across

? Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work – Tim Keller

“Idols of comfort and pleasure can make it impossible for a person to work as hard as is necessary to have a faithful and fruitful career. Idols of power and approval, on the other hand, can lead us to overwork or to be ruthless and unbalanced in our work practices.”

?️ How To Be Successful – Sam Altman

A classic I read every few months.

“It’s useful to focus on adding another zero to whatever you define as your success metric—money, status, impact on the world, or whatever. I am willing to take as much time as needed between projects to find my next thing. But I always want it to be a project that, if successful, will make the rest of my career look like a footnote.”

? 15:17 to Paris

Three American friends travelling through Europe try to save the lives of the passengers by averting a terrorist attack on board the Thalys train.

Life is driven by tail events, one act of bravery altered their lives positively forever.


?The Full Story of MrBeast

Whether or not you haven’t seen the Netflix show, Squid Game, you should check out this adaption by Mr. Beast, a YouTuber.

From this conversation, it’s clear that nobody is more obsessed about YouTube content creation like Mr Beast.

? #BLACKBOXINTERVIEW Feat. Basket Mouth | Part 1

There are fewer things more refreshing than listening to the story behind one of Africa’s greatest comedians.

? How to Punch Above Your Weight with Sonal Chokshi of a16z

Interesting conversation on media and telling better stories.

Favorite Quote ?

Beware: The constant desire to improve yourself can itself become a subtle form of addiction.

— Mark Manson

Thank you for reading!

See you on the last Saturday or Sunday in January 2022 – so help me God!

Did you come across anything helpful or something that got to you? Please share with me. Also If you have any feedback please reply via email

Have a sublime January!

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