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Everyone is a Teacher

I remember those days in school while growing up when we were asked what we wanted to be in future and no one or only a few people mentioned being a Teacher, the cliché response from the Teachers was “So who would now teach your children” and the usual response was usually some mumbled disjointed answer.

I moved from not caring about this to being bothered about what would really happen to my children, to being relaxed that somehow talents and interests are well distributed that we won’t have a shortage of teachers.

Fast forward to now, I’ve recently observed from attending events and interacting with people that most people love to teach. Most people love to share what they know with others.

I think the reason we didn’t realize we were already teachers was that we associated the career path of a Teacher with the nature of the work and the lifestyle, which doesn’t appeal to many of us.

Yes, I know the working conditions of teachers need to be better to attract more people but I’m pretty much certain that we won’t have a shortage of Teachers.

We may not all appear in front of a class but in various capacities, we are all Teachers.

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