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My one year Nysc experience in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state

So Success a friend and a new otondo😉  asked me for my NYSC experience, here it is.

My first week camp experience in the north made me realize i didn’t want to spend the next one year in the north. I had spent most of my life in the northern and western part of Nigeria. I saw NYSC as an opportunity to go a totally different place, an adventure. I redeployed from Yobe state to Akwa Ibom state, at first i wanted to go to (sorry Twinnie) Enugu because i hadn’t been to the east and i heard it was a nice place but later i just changed to Akwa Ibom- instinct i guess. Enugu i’d be back for you later😉 .

Immediately NYSC camp finished i took off, I spent about 20 hrs on the road from Bauchi to Uyo, it was a bumpy ride but i made it! I stayed at a friend’s place and sorted my redeployment. My first observation was that the buildings looked alike duh 🙈 nothing special it’s still Nigeria. Light was constant, it didn’t even blink, this was early December and i told myself ‘you’re in the right place 😎 .

On getting back in January with all my things ready to settle down, i realized from the airport that only airport taxis can take you to town, this cost about 2,500+, i didn’t foresee this cost, apparently i was supposed to hitch a ride but i was the last person to come out of the plane, i took my time and everyone had gone. I could either wait for the next plane which was in 3 hrs time or just close my eyes and take the taxi. i took the latter, pained. why so expensive? The town wasn’t far but you have only airport taxis plying that route, Lesson learnt- Monopoly is Bad.

I easily went through the NYSC procedures to get a Place of Primary assignment. I was posted to Uyo which i wanted, University of Uyo was my first Place of Primary Assignment, for the next 3 months we battled back and forth as i was not accepted nor rejected. I was told the same thing repeatedly “The letter is with the registrar, it has not been attended to come back on Friday oh sorry next week…” at first i was enjoying the holiday but later it just got frustrating. Eventually i was rejected as they said there was no more space. I immediately got another place and began work, an audit firm. The experience was enlightening and only confirmed that i didn’t want to be an auditor. As for CDS, I was in Drugs free and Quality control group, we took a stance against drugs abuse and we met weekly where we mostly deliberated about money or group project, the only laudable thing we did was carrying out sensitization in two secondary schools, fair enough🙂

It took a while to find the ‘perfect’ accommodation, by the end of January i jointly rented a 2 bedroom apartment at Nwaniba with 2 other corpers – One a social prefect and an upcoming cook, the other a lazy minister of women affairs😂 , we got along well and only had disputes when it was time to share responsibilities or drop money. The house was recently renovated so everything was in good condition, the only questionable stuff was that the bathroom didn’t have a tap, it just had shower and it wasn’t that they forgot that was the style👎🏽. The flat was in a compound where about 4 other families lived and some bachelors, it was quiet and everyone minded their business. When there was power supply it was mostly low current and occasionally it went too high, this high voltage took out all the bulbs and blew two of my laptop chargers on separate occasions😭. Water supply worked with power supply, the voltage was mostly low and couldn’t pump water hence we had to buy water from a neighboring compound, 20 Naira for 3 buckets. We did later have to buy a drum to store water in preparation for times of scarcity.

I barely knew anyone here asides from my school mates serving or living here and fellow corpers i met at CDS, People were generally nice and helpful. My first experience was when i entered a tricycle and a man beside me greeted me, i thought it was because i was wearing the NYSC kit but then it happened over and over at different times even when i was on normal outfit. Normally in Lagos you mind your business, so it was different to have people genuinely greet you not because they wanted something from you but because it was a norm. On my street the youths occasionally called me to come and drink/eat with them, a kind gesture which i was first skeptical of because you don’t just take things from ‘strangers’🙄  but over time i became comfortable with taking a bit of ‘whatever’ was being shared. A bond was created, everyone seemed to watch out for each other. I couldn’t speak much of the language-Ibibio, however a tricycle driver once advised me to get an Akwa Ibom girlfriend, that it would solve that problem, oh well i looked for but… it was not meant to be😑 .

In town the major means of public transportation is tricycle – keke Napep, the flow of traffic is a free, most times the only thing that causes any stoppage is traffic light. This is a far cry from Lagos as you can be certain that you’d get to your destination at a particular time when moving in Uyo. About food, before i learnt to cook it was frustrating looking for rice in the afternoon at a nearby canteen and hearing that the only thing available was garri or fufu, there was particular canteen that i encountered at Abak road that sold only eba and different soups, at first i thought the lady was lazy but when i asked she simply said that’s what people were asking for, the law of demand and supply at work. I adjusted with time and started learning to cook asides indomie😄 . By the way the cost of living isn’t cheap, forget about it. it’s the same Nigeria. Talking about internet service providers; Swift, Spectranet, Smile… haven’t made it here yet but MTN, Airtel, Etisalat work well while Globacom is disappointing in most areas.

During my stay i got to relate more with children, at my church, i joined children’s church unit again i was looking for a new experience. Immediately it made me realize ‘guy you’re old ohh’ when everyone was calling me uncle Daniel and in mind i’m like can we please drop the uncle🙄 Daniel is fine, I spent only one Sunday at the class for ages 0-3 and i knew instantly i wasn’t made for there😑 , then i moved to ages 4-8 where i served for 6 months, I again moved to ages 9-12 where i served till the end of NYSC. Apart from making me realize i was old, it was a good experience, the other teachers were very supportive and it was good opportunity to communicate value to younger ones. I also rendered home lesson service for a primary school child for about 2 months in my bid to make some extra money, by the second month there was no need for the lesson (parents) and i needed my free time back. In September i facilitated a two day training at Rayfield Secondary school under the platform of HOPE CITY fellows program, it was a good volunteering experience where i got to teach leadership, entrepreneurship, personal mastery, innovation, creativity and national development consciousness to an audience of 100+.

From April i started lessons for my professional exams, life became more serious and there was little time to play around. I really didn’t get to go to other parts of the state like Zani, however i did visit neighboring states like Cross river and Rivers state many times. I’d be back again certainly.

I tried not to make this too long but did I miss anything?

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Oh wow.
Your experience makes me eager to want to serve in Akwa Ibom.
I am from the north, though schooled abroad.
Now looking at places to serve aside Lagos and Abuja, your article just encouraged me to go with Akwa Ibom as well.
Hope it turns out to be a great experience.
Thank you.

Yeah bro, if you’re up for a different experience/adventure you should try some of these not so main states. I’m sure it would a great experience for you but then it depends on what ‘Great’ means to you😉

great empiricism from Sir Dan in Akwa Ibom. hoping to be there in the yet to come batch A 2017 stream I. experiencing it in times of economic recession. there is God ooooo. My Case is Different with Divine Proofs. celebrate you

Ohh Great. I’m sure you’d have a Great time wherever you are posted 😎 Yup! Truly your case is different. Thank you for the feedback 😊

Hello, So I went to a “Young shall Grow” office where we ( I & the other corpers) were transported to Jos, from Jos we were transferred to another bus which was supposed to take us straight to Akwa Ibom, however, the bus driver told us at Abia state that that’s the end of the journey (A common issue with these transport service companies). From Abia I had to take a bus that would take me to Akwa Ibom. Asides the hitch it should have been a straight journey from Jos to Akwa Ibom
So I’d just advise you go to Jos and enter a bus from there to Akwa Ibom, hopefully, you won’t be dropped half way & told that’s the end of the journey.

The pleasure is mine. How did your trip go and camp? Where in Akwa Ibom were you posted to ?

Hmm I am Ajayi Daniel, I was deployed to Bauchi state and later relocated to akwa IBom, reading your experience at first looks like I am the one(probably because of the Daniel,lol) but yet to get a place of primary assignment..can one do a side job aside the primary assignment???

Waawu! Story of my life. Sure you can do a side job anytime as long as it’s convenient. I did home-lesson for while that was a side job. Where in Akwa Ibom are you posted?

hey Dan, your experience of redeployment is same as mine, redeployed from Borno State to Akwa Ibom. Posted initially to UniUyo and got the same delay till it finally got rejected . was reposted to Uyo High School though…….planning on the side jobs to take here in Uyo.
Love this CITY ….my experience will be great

Wawu! so it’s still same at UniUyo. Sad 🙁
Yeah, Uyo High school should offer some flexibility. Yup, It’s good to take side jobs if you can.
Yes sure, your experience would be great 😀

Awwm! New corper, that’s nice! Sure it should be. I hope you have a great stay and I’d love to hear your story.

Aww! I read about your experience, it looks like you had more fun than I did.
Volley ball player, SAED Rep, Hand shaker, 5 books per week reader!
I love the way you documented your experience!

The pleasure is mine ☺️
Thank you for sharing your experience.

My name is Bamuza Joshua Ayaogbo. I’m from the Southern part of the country. Though I took my studies abroad. I’m actually panning to take my NYSC program if the Lord is willing by the forthcoming Batch B, 2017. I’m currently on the search of the most convenient State to undergo the program. Honestly, I was very enthusiastic to encountered this article of your laudable experience in Uyo at Akwa Ibom State. It has already generated my interest to undergo my service in Uyo at Akwa Ibom State by the special grace of God.

Aside from that, there are questions I really humbly need an answer from you.

1. Please how expensive is the houses for lease in Uyo at Akwa Ibom per month?

2. Please how much is the State Allowance of Akwa Ibom State?

Thanks and God bless!

Hello Joshua, 😊
It’s Nice to hear from you.
Akwa Ibom would be a good choice.
In Uyo a year’s rent is about
120, 000-150,000 Naira for one room apartment, 250,000- 300,000 Naira for two bedroom apartment.
In other not so developed parts of the state the rent is cheaper.
State allowance is 10,000 Naira per month. It used to be 20,000 Naira but was cut down because of the state of the economy last year. The state allowance is usually paid every 3 or 6 months together. It’s not paid monthly

Please… I need u guys help on an issue…
I currently redeployed to akwaibom… We are told to com bk January 15th b4 posting for ppa. I dnt knw if u guys can help me with names of comapines dat pays corpers in Uyo…Eket and Ibeno…Thanks…

Willing to serve in akwa-ibom but with the cost of living? “accommodation to be precise” hope there are various means of financial income on skills?

Hello Amos,
Well there different options for accommodation, I’m sure you’d get a reasonable price and yes there are opportunities to make income with your skills ( depending on what they are)

Hello, please I’m an Otondo as you stated above…, I’m really interested in Akwa Ibom! but don’t know other 2 states I can choose………Please advice

Well, I just registered on the nysc portal for Batch A, stream I, 2018. I got caught up in a moment going through this piece. I actually picked Plateau, Bauchi Akwa-Ibom and Anambra…. I’m pleased to come across this story of yours. Hope to have a great experience too!

Hello Wilbur,
It’s nice to hear you’re fitting in well, I hope you have a great experience and I’m eager to hear your story too when camp is over.

Hello Benjamin, I trust you’re making so much money now, while it depends on where you are, think of a need and try to meet it or if the internet is good where you are,you can do freelance jobs online.

Bro I wanna redeploy to dsame Akwa ibom Buh am jus afraid of accommodation issue cos o have no moni at hand. I was posted to kogi state

Hello ebube, I trust you’re all settled in. It would be nice to hear about which option you chose and how you’re doing now

Interesting read!
I’m currently in Akwa Ibom NYSC Camp (18B) and recently decided not to redeploy and reject other offers. Still looking for a good place to be posted as I have the opportunity of making my choice. 🤐
I hope my experience here will be great.

Hello Ogo, I trust all will work out well, in the end, I hope you’d look back and be glad you made the right choices.

Hello Mr Daniel, I’m Adedamola,I’m being posted to Ekiti now, Batch C stream 1 but I really want to redeploy to Akwa Ibom,pls how did u go about your redeployment that it went smoothly,did u pay to someone or what, awaiting your reply, and I don’t mind receiving a DM from u 09035629956

Hello David,

I’m not sure I have the answer to your question, I only know of redeploying based on health reasons since insurgency wouldn’t be a valid reason. I didn’t pay anyone.

Hello Peace,
I’m not sure I have the answer to your question, I only know of health reasons since insurgency wouldn’t be a valid reason.

I’m currently serving in Akwa Ibom state precisely Uyo. Power supply is a big problem in this town. I wish the government could do something about it. Hardly have power supply. Too bad of an “Ado okay” state.

I was posted to Bauchi State but redeployed to Akwa Ibom State, hope to enjoy my service year there, don’t have anywhere in mind yet, but praying to stay at the state capital.

wow… amazing to script this down. I am from akwa ibom, but hoping to serve in Lagos😎😕

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