Personal reflections

My Philosophy on Learning

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been curious, I remember my parents told me I asked alot of questions like why soap has different colors but they all brought out only white foam? They had to refer me to someone who could answer that question, I still constantly have alot of questions today that I mostly just Google the answers.

I recently stumbled on a write up I did sometime in April 2014, I sat down in my room and wrote down what I believed guided my learning.

In my quest for knowledge and becoming a better person I believe my learning is guided by the following principles:

  1. Learning is essential for my Growth 
  2. Learning should be driven by passion.
  3. Learning is not limited to reading books but includes observation, video, and audio.
  4. The wider the scope of learning, the wider the area of influence. 
  5. Learning covers Spiritual, Physical, intellectual areas 
  6. Learning is subject to the Word of God and Holy Spirit. 
  7. I will be known for what I know.
  8. I will be known for what I do; hence I must apply what I learn. 
  9.  I will share what I learn.
  10.  I will never stop learning.



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