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November 2020: A Career Switch

Hello Friend,

November was certainly calmer than October for Nigeria, yet still a fast-paced month for me. 

How was your November?

A useful reminder


Highlights of November: 

  • Joining TechCabal as a Writer/Editor. A career switch that took some thinking and deliberations but one month in and I’m liking it.
  • Spending a week in a different part of Lagos. 
  • Outburst music dropped its first video – Light Up The Way ft. Eben

On Netflix:

The Trial of Chicago 7: This reminded me about the EndSARS protests. I’m glad it had a good ending. 

Citation & Coming from Insanity: I loved the intentionality of bringing in Anglophone Africa into the picture.

42: A movie about Black Baseball legend Jackie Robinson.The first time I saw this movie a few years ago, I didn’t know who Chadwick Boseman was.

The Final year: I’d like to see something like this done for the last year of a Nigerian government’s tenure. 

I’m still on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  I might as well finish it this year if I put my mind to it.

Cloout: Just glad we’ve done 48 weeks straight in 2020. I haven’t the strength to implement a few ideas.

auf Deutsch lernen: einhundertachtzig-Tage-Serie auf Duolingo

On learning German: 200 days streak on Duolingo

Books Read

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work – Tim Keller

A second read and it felt like I hadn’t read it before. 

“You will not have a meaningful life without work, but you cannot say that your work is the meaning of your life.” 

How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: The Secrets to Good of Communication – Larry King

This is one of those books I expect I should have read but I haven’t. It’s helpful since I’ve been interviewing many people in the past month. Although I think comfortable talking to anyone, anytime, anywhere, there’s no end to learning.

“My first rule of conversation is this: I never learn a thing while I’m talking. I realize every morning that nothing I say today will teach me anything, so if I’m going to learn a lot today, I’ll have to do it by listening.

From Me:

Since I’m now a full-time writer, I have to plan to write for myself. 
But here are two stories I wrote in my first month at TechCabal 

From the Web ?

How to be Curious

A child’s greatest gift to us is to keep insisting that nothing is ever very normal.

The Psychology of Prediction

If you tell me you’ve found a way to double your money in a week, I’m not going to believe you by default.

But if my family was starving and I owed someone money next Monday that I don’t have, I would listen. And I would probably believe whatever crazy prediction you have because I’d desperately want and need it to be right.

The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed

Tell your boss you found a trick that will make you more creative and productive, and they ask what you’re waiting for. Tell them that your trick is taking a 90-minute walk in the middle of the day, and they say no, you need to work.

The Uncut Interview With Michael Jordan

This is such a good interview and a rare one too. Michael Jordan has been low-key for a long time. It’s pre “The Last Dance”.

Falz – One Trouser (Official Video)

Hold me oh

Hold me oh

Hold me oh

I fit to shey werey gon for here  ?

I love this song by Falz. It’s a breakdown of how street fights start in Lagos.

Thank you for reading!

See you on the last Saturday or Sunday in December 2020 – so help me God!

Did you come across anything helpful or something that got to you? Please share with me. Also If you have any feedback please reply via email 🙂

Have a Grand December!

Daniel ?

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