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On Story Telling

Many people start sharing their stories, perspectives either Blogs or Vlogs or even in reality but then they tend to stop for one or two reasons. I believe more people need to share their stories it’d help others learn and feel they’re not alone.

Art Storytelling has no right answer

Art involves the intent of the artist and the reception of the audience. And art involves an unpredictable leap. Seth Godin

Yeah, I understand you might not know whether it makes sense but nothing beats being authentic, you’d be surprised how many people would relate.

Set your own rules

It’s okay, decide on what is acceptable, it’s your story, tell it the way you want to. Use the medium you’re comfortable with. Share at your Pace.

Document over Create

Share your experiences, what you’re learning, places you’re visiting, what gets to you…Document what is going on around you or in your mind. It’s easier that way.


We need to hear it. Please share it. There’s no telling in Storytelling if you’re not sharing


Seek help, you need to get better at telling your story

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