Personal reflections

One Year and Counting…

Before starting I had many What Ifs: what if it’s not good enough? what if I fall sick? what if we can’t combine it well with my other commitments? what if I get kidnapped? Of course, some of these things happened, I did fall sick a couple of times but got well in time for the next edition to go out, we still struggle to combine it with our other commitments. And clearly, I haven’t been kidnapped yet, although a friend reminded me that I was once kidnapped for a weekend of pleasure (A big lie). I don’t think that counts. 😂

From Day one Cloout has always been a team effort and the only reason it’s still running it because of a number of persons who’ve been super generous with helping out. A big thank you to all the team members in the past year, Stephanie Odili, Adeboro Odunlami, Daniel Iyanda, Rejoice Obike, Chibuzor Ndubisi, Enobong Ibanga, Damilola Amusan, Bright Azuh, Ahunsi and Douglas.

Also, thank you to every reader (I’d miss out some names if I try to start mentioning) who read this newsletter, who take out time to give feedback or share the newsletter with someone else. You remind us that we’re doing something worthwhile.

What’s next?

There are still a couple of What Ifs left (they never finish), nevertheless we’d keep asking ourselves how we can provide better value to you and make Cloout more sustainable.

Reflecting on this a week after, I realised that in the coming year I’d rather focus on the positive What Ifs — What if it works out, what if succeeds.


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