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Cheers! One Year+ of Writing

Yaay, I’ve been writing actively for over a year.

I started writing because I want to document my experiences, what I’ve learned for easy reference and of course to share with other people. My end goal is to write the way I read, which is effortless, I wanted to crave to write, the way I crave to read. For me that was the next challenging phase, I knew it would help my writing get better, it would help me organize my thoughts better, it would help me create information that I felt was missing or not emphasized enough. So primarily I write for myself first. And yeah, monetizing really has never been on the list.

I’ve written about 50 articles since I started September last year, earlier this year my goal was to write at least 2 articles per month, I knew I could work with this and irrespective of how busy I am in a month I’d definitely be able to squeeze out time to write, I’ve met this goal and most months exceeded it, because I don’t believe writing is enough, the final goal is to share it, so I mandated myself to share what I write on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn ( If appropriate ), Just once to hopefully get people to read and feedback.

To be honest, sharing sometimes is the more difficult part of being a writer because you don’t think your writing is good enough or you’re wondering why you’re sharing this experience or part of your life with people – Hey, I’m now a feminist– has got to be one of my most vulnerable posts, took a lot of personal coercion to click publish. Also, I decided to not attach Google analytics to my site, I really didn’t to bother checking up how many views and stuff because I really just wanted to get myself to keep writing, now I’m done with that phase I attached Google Analytics recently, interesting stats. My Nysc experiences One year and Camp have the highest views.

I’m not yet where I want to be in writing, I’m not documenting as much as I’d love to, even this post should have come earlier but life happened.

As I write I look up to many people, few I can remember right now

Adeboro, my hero, she’s been writing since before I ever thought I could write, her writing style is a true reflection of her personality and her consistency really leaves me feeling like I’ve not started, I hope she never stops writing.

Seth Godin, I visit his blog almost every day, his simple writing style made me realize I have no excuse not to write.

Jiwa Bernadette – Seth introduced me to her earlier this year when he recommended her books, of which I’ve read 3, her consistency and singleness of storytelling keeps me coming back.

Tim Urban – The AI Revolution and Elon musk series are two book-like articles I have learned a lot from, the amount of research he & the team puts in the articles encourages me to do same.

Rotimi Okungbaye – My guy! He started writing every day this year, even though I think I’m far away from attempting this, It’s always good seeing his articles almost everytime I open my medium app. Mans consistent!

Benjamin Dada – International writer, public figure, started writing just yesterday but has kept at it and has a massive following. We’ve had good discussions about each other’s articles and tweets.

Bolatito Laniyan – She writes more than me but rarely posts, I doubt I’d ever write as good as she does but hey I post more than her so somehow/somewhere I win.

Gary Vaynerchuk – He doesn’t write, he talks a lot and hires people to transcribe his talks to articles but one of his constant messages is put out content, document your life & do the work, these have kept me moving.

Kesi – I’d never call you Douglas, so he did set up my blog/website for me when I was just started out, while I was still trying to figure out how to fiddle with WordPress. While he’s blown now and writes more lines of code than stuff normal people of the world can read, I still remember Hotel Impossible – I couldn’t find it online 🙁

Jon Westernberg – Recently started following him on medium, spot-on articles!

Victor Adeyemo – Amazing guy, We started writing a while ago, consistent fellow

Aluchie –  She writes well, even better for other people. We became friends just from commenting on each other’s posts.

One of the drawbacks of creating a list is that you’d most definitely leave out something or it can never be complete, I could go on and on but then I’ve read countless articles, books and if I’ve ever read your write up you’ve inspired me to keep on writing.

Cheers to one year of writing! The next phase would include more frequent writing, doodling- at least I can start from there, hopefully, more than 2 per month.

If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.

-Benjamin Franklin


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